Identities (solo with electronics)

The technological revolution of the past decades, which keeps growing without any limits or horizons, has resulted in a palpable alteration of the perception of ourselves, of the social collective and of the way we simply live. The possibility of creating an avatar, a fully customizable digital profile to be presented in a likewise human-created virtual agora, is blurring more and more the line that divides physical body, soul, and digital self-representation.


Who are we? And which of these profiles better represents our more authentic identity? Can we talk about a single identity or are we forced to accept the multiple faces of a single individual?

The solo recital “Identities” presents a group of pieces by Joan Jordi Oliver which reflect and explore the relationship in between instrument, body and technology. The use of  electronic devices and sound processing pretends not just to blurry but to extend the voice of the saxophone, an already soundwise rich instrument with a huge tradition in new and experimental music, and to extend all its possibilities to generate a new identity of the instrument based on the exploration of all its different faces. In addition, the use of video and multimedia elements pretends to re-imagine and re-create the space and the presence and function of the performer’s body on stage, offering a very personal performative and aesthetic vision to the audience.


· Improvisation for saxophone, motion sensor, live electronics and live video

· Breathe (2017), for saxophone without mouthpiece and live electronics

· Mundstück (2017), for mouthpiece and live electronics

· A self-portrait on glitch (2017), for soprano saxophone, motion sensor, live electronics and live video

Duration: ca. 50 minutes