Tour 2023

23.03.23 – EXIT Festival, Montevideo

01.04.23 – Centro de Arte Sonoro, Buenos Aires

13.04.23 – White Noise Club, Stuttgart

15.04.23 – Baby Angel, Zürich

23.04.23 – Global Forest, St. Georgen

29.04.23 – Radio Angrezi, Bremen

05.05.23 – Sax am Mittag, Zürich

07.05.23 – Time goes by so naturally by CRTTR, Bern

Joan Jordi Oliver’s most recent project ‘Línies’ is a continuation of his permanent obsession with the exploration of a sound world in between saxophone and electronic processing, a fruitful path of endless possibilities that has defined most of his work during the past years. ‘Línies’ further researches electroacoustic techniques like unconventional amplification, multiple transformation effects or live looping, sometimes to extremes where the identity of the saxophone melts into a hybrid instrument with its own musical vocabulary. However, Joan abandons here a gestural component that was essential in previous works. ‘Línies’ is anti-climatic and anti-virtuosistic in the traditional sense. The musical interests shift here towards the creation in real time of atmospheric passages, expansive landscapes of sound and slowly evolving drones. Individual gesture loses importance and melts into this electroacoustic soundscape, where the organic, breathy sounds of the saxophone get confused with the sounds of the synthesizers, equally present and prominent. 

The musical language of ‘Línies’ progressively abandons the visceral character of previous experiments and draws its influences from the sound worlds of electronic ambient and drone music. Presence and gesture confront quietness and atmosphere, resulting in a very individual approach towards a musical practice that rejects stylistic borders. 

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