… com una nit de febrer – Demà tot estarà (2018)

Composed in late 2018, … com una nit de febrer – Demà tot estarà is an attempt to explore a sound world that lies in between two very rich instrumental sources – the voice and the saxophone. As both instruments share numerous sound qualities, this piece takes the human sounding tone of the voice, and the articulative, extended noise possibilities of the saxophone in order to find common ground – an imitative, complex sound world, a whole new instrument that breathes and sings. Both instruments are treated in counterpoint; the interweaving, similar sounding melodic material acting as a constant dialogue between the two forces, a blurred timbral discourse that tries to reach agreement. The process of this relationship in between the instruments has a direct reflection in the electronics, used not simply to extend the sound pallete of each instrument individually, but to generate a hollistic texture out of detailed layering, from which the material becomes a part of the whole sonic entity.

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