Un no lloc (2020)

Conceived as a two-track small concept album, Un no lloc was produced in late March, 2020. The first track introduces the recording of a piano piece, essentially lyrical and evidently reduced in its melodic, harmonic and rhythmic elements. This intimate piece is very subtly processed by electronic treatments, consisting basically in the recreation and recomposition of resonance through digitally sustained or generated resonant frequencies.

In a process of accumulation, these artificial frequencies become a dominant element and threaten to drown the predominantly melodic essence of the piece in pure harmony. This process of identity disfigurement is brought to its limits in the second part of the work. Here, the original piano piece is bearably recognizable only in its harmonic structure, once not only the melodic, rhythmical and structural elements of the work, but also the acoustic properties of the piano itself (its sharp articulation, its distinctive envelope) have been completely melted into a sonic landscape where the original piece lives only as a very distant memory. The emotional, nostalgic connotations of this process, inspired by the aesthetics and some compositional strategies of genres like ambient and vaporwave, constitute the center of the piece.

Little to no development is perceived in the course of the work. There isn’t a form with its suggested narrative, but rather a constantly evolving while always static harmonic soundscape, an invitation to the listener to explore its immediate sonic properties, to invent their own narratives, to recreate the memories of the previous sounds and to discover their own emotional resonances with the work.