Strom am Mittag

In September 2021, Joan assumed a new role as a curator and organizer and launched his own concert series Strom am Mittag, dedicated to experimental electronic music. The concerts take place every third Friday of the month at lunch time in two emblematic locations of Zürich, Wasserkirche or Kulturhaus Helferei, transforming them into a concert venue for uncompromised sound practices.

While granting complete creative freedom to the invited artists, the curatorial vision of the series focuses on projects oriented towards ambient and drone aesthetics, toying with the concept of transcendentalism and renewing the definition of ritual. The acoustic but also historical and emotional dialogue in between the electronic artist and the space creates a unique atmosphere and provides a truly special concert experience.

The mission of Strom am Mittag, fully curated, organized and financed by Joan, is to offer performance opportunities to local, national and international electronic musicians, creating and unifying a community in between artists and audience and contributing to the city’s rich experimental music scene.

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