y-band consists of a team of polyhedral performers grouped by the common denominator of their age (and generation) and their individual artistic research. Taking musical compositions as starting point, they propose an extensive technical, aesthetic and artistic research that integrates acoustic and electronic sounds, multimedia elements and a performative-compositional approach in between strictly written scores and improvisation.

The main objective is to address how technological resources and mass communication have mutated the DNA of human perception in a concert situation. y-band believes in the way of understanding research as a constant artistic speculation. That is why their aim is to give a possible answer to what currently constitutes an uncertain landscape, full of questions and interpretations around music and sound. y-band build their own repertoire and identity mixing various influences and scenes: contemporary, electronic, free-improvisation, popular…

The ensemble is constituted by electric guitar (Thilo Ruck), saxophone (Joan Jordi Oliver), keyboard-synthesizer (Felix Nagl), drum-set (Roberto Maqueda) and live electronics (Andreas E. Frank). All members make extensive use of the electronic possibilities of their instruments, fluently melting the worlds of acoustic and electronic sounds and defining a very specific aesthetic position and sonority.